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An afternoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn would not be complete with a stop into Mast Brothers Chocolate.  For starters, they always have samples of their incredible craft chocolate bars… so there’s that!  When I visited the other day I decided to get two cookies and a marble brownie (along with a couple samples of course!) The two cookies I chose were the ginger chocolate and chocolate oatmeal.  The ginger was covered in granulated sugar and beautifully cracked along the top.  The ginger definitely hits your tongue first, then the dark rich chocolate, then a bit of ginger again right at the last second.  I like that the ginger flavor was not over powering, however I did wish this cookie was a bit more chewy in the center.  The chocolate oatmeal was really nice!  It was exactly like an oatmeal raisin cookie, but with a deep chocolate base.  The oatmeal and raisins really complimented the fudgey chocolate cookie.  It was perfectly baked, crispy on top and super soft in the center.

My favorite though was the marble brownie!  This little sucker was tiny in size but mighty in flavor!  I don’t think I could have handled this brownie if it was any bigger.  Dense and incredibly rich, every bite melted in my mouth and lingered on my tongue.  I kept picturing this brownie with a scoop or two of ice cream on top because when I eat a great brownie I immediately want a brownie sundae!  Mast Brothers is special.  You feel like you found a secret chocolate hideaway when you walk in.  It’s definitely worth a visit when wondering through Williamsburg!



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