Make-Your-Own-Gravel Sundae by Jeni’s

Not only is Jeni’s is one of our favorite ice creams, but now it’s one of our favorite sundaes!  Their new Gravel Sundaes let you order ice cream and toppings of your choice, making the supreme combination for your taste buds.  We decided to choose their Double-Toasted Coconut ice cream, Honey Butterscotch Sauce, and Salty Graham and Donut Gravel.  The Gravel are crunchy crumbles of deliciousness.  The Salty Graham are crumbled organic graham crackers with butter and a pinch of sea salt.  The donut gravel are crumbled classic powdered sugar donuts with colorful sprinkles.  We decided to make a layered sundae in a mason jar so we could see the ingredients…like a 7 Layer Bar!  This sundae version of the bar we created was out-of-control!  SO GOOD.  The crunchy gravel mixed with the creamy ice cream and thick sauce was mouth watering.  We were very happy with our gourmet creation.  Nothing like making a boring sundae in to something special, and leave it to Jeni to make it available.  Bye Bye make-your-own FroYo, these Gravel sundaes are too good to pass up!

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