Just when you thought cupcakes couldn’t go any further…STD Cupcakes…Ewwww!

We can’t believe we’re even posting this, but we came across this SHOCKING cupcake design and needed to share our disgust.  This post is for those of you that can’t not eat a dessert after reading our reviews. Maybe this will be one to turn you off:  STD CUPCAKES.  Yup, you read it right.  This photo above is the most mild of the creations.  The second annual Eat Your Heart Out exhibition at London’s St. Bart’s Pathology Museum is featuring them.  And you might have guessed it already, but the Evil Cake Shop’s exhibition aims to help raise awareness to the dangers of having unprotected sex.  Jenni Powell of Two Little Cats Bakery designed the cupcakes (Fun job?  Um, no we think not).  They come in lemon, vanilla, and chocolate.  “I already knew a fair bit about STDs and their symptoms,” Powell wrote in an email to HuffPost, explaining that she had worked as a “sexpert” on her university’s sexual health outreach team. “A lot of diseases don’t have visible symptoms, so I wanted to pick ones that would really make a statement on a cupcake!”  We just watched Anderson Cooper try one on his show, Anderson Live, and I guess he’s right in saying, “They are still just cupcakes, not actual STD’s.”  Well, I think we’ll pass on this dessert.  A FIRST in our adventures.  Good thing they’re in London!

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