Banana Cream Pie at Red Eye Grill

I devoured a wonderful slice of Banana Cream Pie the other night at the midtown restaurant Red Eye Grill. This restaurant is one that I have passed hundreds of times since moving to New York 12 years ago.  I have always been intrigued, but never visited.  That all changed when my friend Doug insisted I must try their Banana Cream Pie.  Once I realized that he and I have similar BCP feelings and frustrations I knew I could trust his recommendation.  A dessert lover might think this pie, being such a classic, is one that is always good…a pie that you could get anywhere. However, I find most slices of BCP are bland, include no actual bananas and sit on a cardboard crust.  Well, Red Eye Grill does their Banana Cream Pie just right!  It’s even titled “Famous” on the menu.  The crust is a traditional graham cracker that is crunchy, but sturdy enough to not crumble at each forkful.  The best part was the thick layer of sweet pudding filled with copious amounts of fresh banana slices!  On top of that was a thin layer of meringue, a huge dollop of fresh whipped cream, and chocolate shavings.  I loved that the meringue layer was thin because it allowed the pudding part to stand out!  Red Eye Grill just received a massive renovation and is an excellent restaurant from start to finish.  I can not wait to go back and try their other desserts as well as another slice of banana cream pie!

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