A Little Color For This Sunny Day

Our friends over at This Chick Bakes (GREAT Gluten Free sweets too!) created something nastolgic and fun for one lucky birthday dude.  Brownie has a fondness for Sour Patch Kids, so this is right up her alley.  What kind of cake is it do you ask?!  Double chocolate chocolate.  Hopefully this brings a little extra sunshine to your sunny day!

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    That one lucky birthday dude was my awesome 29 year old boyfriend who has ALWAYS loved sour patch kids (as I)…the cake was super moist and served 30 people quite easily with a few leftover slices for the birthday boy…We have always loved THIS CHICK BAKES and have used her several times over the past few years….ps….she also did an awesome vegan JAWS themed cake for one of my best friends the following weekend…Thanks for posting this…

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