Sweet “make your own cupcake” gift in the mail!

I was sent the “sweetest” gift in the mail from Sweet Girl Bakeshop for my birthday!  It was a “make my own cupcake,” a way to mail someone a cupcake that they can frost and decorate themselves!  One box contained two chocolate cupcakes, the next box was filled with vanilla buttercream, and the top box had crushed Oreo cookies.  The three tiered gift even came with a candle so I could make a special wish for the new year!  I had so much

fun frosting my chocolate cupcake, that was extremely fresh and delicious, to my own desire and topping it with loads of Oreo pieces.  This is such a unique gift idea for anyone that loves cupcakes, but doesn’t live in the same zip code!  Sweet Girl Bakeshop can make any flavor of cake and frosting combination and even include fondant designs.  Contact Sweet Girl Bakeshop here if you are interested in sending a “make your own cupcake” to someone special!  It’s a perfect way to tell them best wishes, happy birthday, or congratulations!


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