Me Love Flex Donuts

Zac Young can have my heart every time I eat his donuts at Flex Mussels.  That’s right, a fabulous seafood restaurant that specializes in mussels has awesome desserts.  My favorite=DONUTS.  These donuts are made fresh and filled inside with your choice of these flavors:  Fluffernutter, PB&J, Cinnamon Sugar, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Wild Blueberry, Meyer Lemon, Raspberry, S’mores, Strawberry.  I chose Fluffernutter, PB&J, Cinnamon Sugar, and Meyer Lemon.  You know what, my favorite was the Meyer Lemon!  This surprised me since I’m such a peanut butter fanatic, but that tart and creamy lemon with the fried dough was to-die-for.  Refreshing.  I’m telling you, citrus and sweet bread is a GREAT combo.  The other’s were still fantastic and the vanilla bean dipping sauce….come on!  Flex mussels, you had me at first taste.

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