Harlem Tavern Ice Cream Pie

Harlem Tavern is not just a place for good beer! A pretty diverse and delicious dessert menu is also well worth the trip to Harlem. This peanut butter and banana ice cream cake was really different and really good! The crust was a chocolate cookie crumb, not to thin but thick enough to taste and hold the ice cream. The thick bottom layer was all banana ice cream, perfectly cooled to eating temperature. It had a slight banana flavor that perfectly complimented the rich peanut butter without tasting artificially sweet. The peanut butter ice cream was like a cross between cheesecake and ice cream. It was almost like they whipped pb and ice cream together to create this layer.  Whatever it was, it was delish. Tiny pieces of peanuts were also mixed throughout this layer.My favorite part was the layer of peanut butter chocolate candy smashed into the pie. It brought both layers together and made this ice cream cake stand out from the others. The whole slice sat in a pool of chocolate sauce which leaves me no cause for complaints! Our fabulous waiter also recommended their Key Lime Pie as well, which I didn’t have room for, but it gives me a reason to come back!

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