An Unconventional Cheesecake

This ricotta cheesecake at Piccolo Cafe in midtown is a delight to the palate.  As you can see, it’s not your conventional cheesecake.  After a full day of tap dancing, my friend and I needed something sweet.  After we were recommended this slice, we decided to try it.  I was a bit confused as to what I was tasting at first, but then I had to forget it was “cheesecake.”  It reminded me of a cheese danish.  The top crust tasted like toasted marshmallow, soft and chewy.  The crust was thick and crumbly.  The center was deliciously tart ricotta cheesecake.  A rather different garnish, the pine nuts added a nuttiness that complimented the sweet and tart of the dessert.  What a nice treat to end the day!  It’s right by the 40th Street, 42nd Street subway station, so grab a slice on your way home one day!  There are three other locations, including the UWS, Midtown East, and Union Square.

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