S’mores Scones at Alice’s…YES PLEASE!

Amanda and I are huge fans of Alice’s Teacup, especially because they are always experimenting with baked goods.  Their famous scones can’t be beat.  I walked in the other day and saw they had S’mores scones…mini ones!  I’m all for the nostalgia of the classic American dessert, and put it in scone form, STOP.  Alice’s has started making mini scones as well, which is perfect for the quick bite to-go.  BUT let’s get back to S’mores.  Just look at that melted marshmallow on top of those!  Chunks of chocolate were spread throughout and you could taste the flavor of graham crackers.  Less sweet than the actual dessert, I thoroughly enjoyed the taste and texture.  I vote yes to more S’mores scones at Alice’s!


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