LazyLooz Explodes!

Our friend Rakan over at LazyLooz had some recent exciting news for us:  they are going national!  Not only are they operating out of a commercial kitchen now, they have three news flavors (Chocolate Chip Cookie, Orange, and Mocha), can be ordered online and shipped across the US, and are now sold at the Westside Marketon 15th Street and 7th Avenue!  You may ask what is a LazyLooz?  “An old family recipe from Jordan, LazyLooz is a no-egg, no-bake chocolate biscuit cake.” They are delicious!  Their one inch bite size is perfect and the flavor in each and every one is balanced and divine.  It’s something different that you’ve never had, but the closest American sweet we can compare it to is fudge but lighter and filled with butter cookies.  It’s the perfect party dessert, gift for any occasion, or just for yourself.  The packaged is clean and cool as well.  Congrats LazyLooz!  We are BIG fans!

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