Gluten-Free Tiramisu

I must confess I don’t eat many gluten-free desserts because I am not gluten-free.  However, I was dining at Risotteria (a GF restaurant) and my girlfriend ordered their tiramisu so I had to try a bite.  I am used to the lady finger version of this dessert so I was surprised to see two layers of cake instead.  This was a pleasant surprise because I am not a fan of the “finger” cookie anyway.  The fresh chocolate cake was gently soaked in coffee making it was moist  with a hint of coffee flavor.  The generous amount of mascarpone filling was light and fluffy with just a bit of sweetness.  It complimented the cake like a dollop of whipped cream on a cup of joe.  The top was heavily dusted in cocoa and cinnamon adding a bit of spice to each bite.  If I didn’t know this tiramisu was gluten-free I would have never guessed.  The slice was a bit pricey, almost $10, but large enough to share!

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