Girls Night = Free Delicious Dessert!

I’m all about a girls night this week because girls rock and ladies who support each other are just plain awesome.  I think our waitress on a girls night out feels the same since she gave us this delicious ice cream dessert on the house.  I’m calling it a chocolate lover’s semifreddo.  Vino, an Italian wine bar on the UES, serves some pretty awesome food (YES lasagne!) and great dessert.  This chopped up ball of cool goodness was rich and satisfying.  I have to compare the outside to Maison du Chocolats Champagne Truffles.  They are dusted with cocoa powder and chocolate.  This concoction was not too sweet at all with the natural cocoa.  The ice cream was soft and creamy with chocolate on the outside and vanilla inside.  Perfect finish to a night out with great girlfriends.  I declare it Girls Night Week!

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