Finally going to Sugar and Plumm!

I have been dying to try Sugar and Plumm, the dessert shop/restaurant on the Upper West Side!  Walking by, it looks like a sugar lovers dream; colorful candies, large cakes, and an ice cream parlor!  The menu is filled with milkshakes, crepes, waffles, cakes, and sundaes.  I decided to sit in the “to-go” area and chose the Jack Tripper Sundae as my dessert.  It consists of vanilla ice cream, chocolate and butterscotch sauces, brownie and blondie bites, whipped cream and crushed peanuts.  I opted for one of my scoops to be one of  their chocolate Oreo ice cream because it looked incredible in the glass case!  My only disappointment in my sundae was the size.  It was served in a small plastic cup instead of a bowl and when I looked over at the restaurant side, the sundae bowls were enormous!  My to-go still cost $9 and I really felt like my plastic cup did not compare in size.  However…the sundae was delicious.  I loved both the vanilla and Oreo ice cream. Both were creamy and the chocolate Oreo was loaded with pieces of Oreo cookie.  The other highlight on this sundae were the gooey and rich brownie/blondie bites.  The bites were more like large cubes and so chewy that I found myself still chewing them slowly as the ice cream melted away in my mouth. So other than the sundae size, I would say the Jack Tripper is a fantastic sundae.  I guess if I go back I would sit in the restaurant area so I could could get the bowl!

I also tried the Gluten-Free chocolate chip cookie.  The cookies are large and thick, but also almost $5.  I was very surprised by the rich flavor and excellent texture of the cookie.  It was moist and dense on the inside with a crispy top and edge.  Chopped hazelnuts are added into the cookie adding a nice nutty flavor along with the rich chocolate chunks layered throughout the cookie.  I would never had known this cookie was Gluten-Free if someone wouldn’t have told me.  If you are looking for a great gluten-free chocolate chip cookie, stop by Sugar and Plumm!

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