7 Days of Easter, Gift basket idea #4

S’more Bakery makes pre-packaged s’mores that you take home and bake in your oven for 5 minutes! These adorable bags of s’mores would be the perfect sweet to add too any Easter basket!  They come two in a package and in a variety of flavors!  I chose a bag of the Salted Sailor which consists of a vanilla bean marshmallow, cinnamon sugar & clover honey grahams, and a layer of vanilla bean salted caramel.  I could have eaten this s’more right out of the bag it looked so good, but I’m glad I stuck to the instructions because it looked even better when I pulled it out of the oven!  I loved the combo of salty and sweet with the Salted Sailor!  The layer of salted caramel was my favorite part because it added so much flavor to the whole dessert.  I can not discount the vanilla bean mallow though because it was so oozy and gooey, sticking to my fingers and lips with every bite!  The graham crackers remained really soft so it was easy to take each bite, tasted like a fresh snickerdoodle cookie.  You can purchase the s’more packages online or in stores around NYC as well as the marshmallows, grahams, and ganache!   I found my bag a s’mores at Off The Wall yogurt shop in Chelsea. You can find S’more Bakery at the Brooklyn Flea Winter Market on Saturdays and Sundays till March 31st, just in time for Easter Sunday!

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