7 Days of Easter, Gift Basket Idea #1

OK, so there are few desserts that I don’t feel just a little guilty after, BUT Levain cookies are definitely not one of them.  Maybe their a 1/2 ib each and might have A LOT of calories, but I’m a girl that likes to eat REALLY good sweets.  This is a REALLY good sweet and might be my favorite cookie in NYC.  Levain Bakery is a little bakery on the UWS and Harlem that packs crowds that come to eat their famous cookies. My good friends recently brought them to a dinner party and made my night!  There are four different kinds: Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin, and my favorite Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip.  Nuke them in the microwave for 15 seconds and you’ve got this ooie gooie goodness that is a cross between a brownie and cookie.  OMG SO GOOD.  If you live in NYC,  it’s a disappoinment if you’ve never had one.  This is a MUST on the eating list.  Great idea to put in an Easter basket. Now excuse me while I finish mine:-).

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