The perfect gift for any coffee or tea lover…Sugar Shapes!

What’s sweeter than sugar? Sugar Shapes! We are loving these new artisan sugar shapes available at!  Instead of the normal boring sugar cube, why not “dress up” your bowl with beautiful stars, hearts, or sea shells?  These French style premium sugars are the perfect gift for any coffee or tea lover.  Give lips to one you love, a cowboy boot to your country bumpkin, or a horseshoe to someone who needs a little good luck!  Weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, office parties, a tin of artisan sugars will brighten any table.  Sugar Shapes only uses 100% pure granulated sugar with absolutely no dyes.  Each tin contains at least 40 shapes (amounts differ due to shape size) and only cost about $15!  Don’t be worried about calories either!  One teaspoon of sugar has only 16 calories and each shape contains less than or equal to a teaspoon.  Free shipping on orders over $30 so it really is beneficial to order two tins at the same time.  Stay connected to Sugar Shapes on Facebook and Twitter!

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