One Special Box of Chocolates

With my knowledge and taste in desserts, I was wondering what my husband was going to surprise me with for Valentine’s Day.  HE DONE GOOD.  He had read my post on the, dessert tour I recently went on, and remembered how much I raved about Kee’s Chocolates.  Founded by Kee Ling Tong in 2002, she does chocolate the right way.  You have to keep them refrigerated and consume within a week, 2 days for the creme brulee one.  Seriously, it makes me think twice about eating mass produced, big company candy.  The freshness of these flavors was incredible and the chocolate just melted in my mouth.  The box included flavors such as Pistachio White Chocolate Truffle, Passionfruit, Creme Brulee, Chocolate Mousse, Green Tea Truffle, and Fennel Truffle.  Such creativeness is presented through these chocolates, and every one of them was delicious.  My favorite (as well as Kee’s favorite) is the Passion Fruit.  It’s so refreshing and full of flavor, almost like a palate cleanser.  The Creme Brulee reminded me of the absolute BEST version of a Cadbury egg.  It was so delicate and creamy.  This is the place to go the next time you want to impress anyone with chocolates.  It’s a high step above 95% of chocolate stores in NYC.  Trust me.  That was a very HAPPY Valentine’s Day to me.

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