Five Desserts, Two Girls!





Sfoglia restaurant is a little Italian gem on the Upper East Side.  As soon as you enter through the door, you feel like you have been transported to Italy.  The atmosphere is romantic and quiet, the lighting dim, and the mood serene.  We really could write a whole review on their bread (which has a cult following) and the food alone because they were both outstanding, but we must stick to the FIVE incredible desserts we tasted (wearing our matching Minnie Rose sweaters)!  We each had our favorites, but we both agreed that the Vanilla Panna Cotta with diced quince  and basil blew our taste buds away.  Panna Cotta is not a usual favorite with us because, usually, it seems quite bland.  However, Sfoglia does theirs just right.  It was smooth like velvet, slightly chilled so extremely refreshing, and rich in the vanilla flavoring.  The kicker in this panna cotta was the crumbly coating sprinkled around the dessert!  Because the panna cotta was so smooth these crumbs added a delicious crunch.

One of the desserts that Amanda could not get enough of was the Apple Tart.  The dough was so chewy it reminded her of pizza dough.  The juicy apples were perfectly cooked and spiced, filling the inside of the rather large circular tart.  Two huge scoops of ice cream were placed on top that melted slowly into the apples and dough.  The edges, folded over like a pie, were puffed and thick like the crust of a pizza.  It was simply irresistible to this Dutch girl!

Beth’s pick was the Bread Pudding with Rum and Currants (you pre-order this dessert).  It came out piping hot with a caramelized top and creamy bread in the center.  The rum added a zing to the taste and the currants gave a nice addition to the texture.  It reminded her of the bread pudding her sister used to make, classic and simple.  It was served in a generous bowl, making a great choice to share.  Yum!

We give kudos to Sfoglia for their take on a truffle ice cream served with a homemade chocolate chip cookie.  Truffles have such a pronounced flavor that they really take over a dish and we think that was the case here.  Unfortunately the truffles overpowered the ice cream here, which threw us off a bit, but the chocolate chip cookie was perfection.  This was a unique combination that is sure to please truffle lovers everywhere though.

Another dessert we tasted was a lemon tart with buttermilk ice cream.  Served on a nice graham cracker crust that was firm yet crumbly, the tart was bright and refreshing!  It was like lemonade in slice form!  One of our favorite parts about this dessert was the extra graham cracker crust crumbs generously sprinkled around the tart.  It allowed you to scoop up extra crumbs with each bite and they were delicious!

We could not have had a better evening out.  Sfoglia is a restaurant that is NOT to be missed.  When everything from bread to dessert is divine you know you had a fantastic meal.  Bravo!


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