Beauty & Essex…& Desserts

I already love Stanton Social and it’s sister restaurant, Beauty & Essex, did not disappoint.  In fact, the whole meal impressed me.  I chose the Devil’s Food Layer Cake and Black Bottom Butterscotch Pot de Crème.  The cake blew me away.  I really wasn’t expecting much, but when I saw almost every table around me order it, I knew there was something going on.  With vanilla mascarpone fillng and milk ice cream, this cake was mouth-watering.  It was gooey and chewy with fresh chocolate icing.  It’s a great mini cake size to share with everyone at the table and so rich with creaminess.  The butterscotch, I would describe, was like the highest end version of Jello butterscotch swirl pudding.  I’m not a huge butterscotch fan, but I could tell this was something spectacular.  SO thick and creamy with cinnamon spoons to dip.  This is the ultimate butterscotch lover’s treat.  Hands down, everything my friends and I had at the table, food included, was above and beyond.  Essex street has a beauty on it’s hands.

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