“14 Days of Valentines,” Gift Idea #3

We think the perfect gift for your honey is some delightful Valentines cookies from one of our favorite companies, Butter + Love.  They have new additions to their menu, special for Valentine’s Day 2013:  A package of sweet cookies and His N’ Her Valentine cookies.  The Valentine’s Day package of cookies consists of two raspberry lemon jam sandwich cookies, two rosewater almond cookies, and one salted chocolate cherry jam sandwich cookie.  And yes, all of the ingredients taste amazing together!  We highly recommend you treat your Valentine to these delicious cookies made from a Brooklyn artisan baker (that also happens to be a friend of ours and a fellow performer).  It’s unique and different from the box of chocolates, and you can order them online or buy them at select shops in NYC.  Their packaging is lovely as well.  You’re sweetheart will be impressed by your thinking outside the “cookie” box!

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