Smokin’ S’mores!

I have been dying to eat at Saxon + Parole since it opened.  Loved the name, loved the location, and loved everything on the menu.  So the other night my dream came true and there I was, sitting at the bar ordering dessert after a lovely dinner and a couple drinks.  I chose the S’mores dessert due to a recommendation from a trusted source, my little sister (a miniature Blondie).  The creativity that Saxon + Parole serves their S’mores dessert is reason enough to order it.  Arriving in a glass jar, sealed up tight, you can see all the ingredients inside just waiting to be eaten.  As I unlocked the jar whiskey barrel smoke started escaping from the lid, oozing out from each side and up into the air unveiling the chocolate mouse, graham crackers, and toasted lemon marshmallows.  The whiskey barrel smoke left an incredible aroma that lingered into every bite making me feel like I was actually sitting by a campfire.  Overall I think creativity won me over more than taste  unfortunately.  The chocolate mousse needed to be richer in flavor and the graham crackers were a bit bland.  However, I loved the toasted lemon marshmallows and deconstruction idea of the traditional s’more.

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