“ShooFly, PLEASE bother me!”


While driving through Lancaster, PA, I was determined to get a whoopie pie.  Lancaster is where this dessert originated by the Amish.  I spotted whoopie pies on the sign for Dutch Haven, a side-of-the-road Amish furniture and knick knack store.  What I wasn’t expecting was finding the home of America’s best ShooFly pie since 1946!  Upon entering, I was offered a free sample of the pie and was immediately sold.   I bought a pumpkin whoopie pie and a slice of ShooFly pie…WARMED.  They then topped it with the America’s largest whipped cream mound.  ShooFly pie is a molasses pie with a brown sugar crumble on top.  It’s gets it’s name from flies being attracted to the molasses and having to be “shooed” away.  It was incredible.  The closest taste I can compare it to is a cinnamon roll.  I’m obsessed with this pie.  It’s not too sweet and the crust to filling to topping was a perfect ratio.  And guess what, you can order one online!  Yup, “ShooFly please bother me” again soon!

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