Once Upon A Tart

Once Upon A Tart is a SOHO bakery loved by it’s locals for 17 years and by the look of the facade, you can tell it’s something special. We happen to be downtown the other day and came across this gem thinking, “It’s always a good time for a tart, right?” We chose one of their most popular fresh tarts, Pear Almond.  They bake the tarts in the morning everyday and boy can you tell.  The crushed almond crust was so soft and fresh like it just cooled after coming out of the oven.  The beautiful sliced pear shaped in the center of the tart was juicy, bursting with flavor, and dusted in confectioners sugar.  It was surprisingly heavy in weight yet light densisty for it’s fairly larger size.  Each tart glistened in the glass case making it  very hard to decide on a flavor!  Once Upon A Tart is the perfect place for an afternoon coffee and pastry while people watching or journal writing.  Local bakeries like this one don’t always come along that often.  It’s almost like a fairytale.

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