It’s never too cold for some really good ice cream!

On a quick roadtrip to Lancaster, PA, I Yelped where I might be able to find some good artisan ice cream in the town.  The unanimous vote for the best was Carmen and David’s Creamery, Inc.  Located in downtown Lancaster, this is an old fashioned soda shop where you can choose from 30 ice creams and sorbets.  I can never decide which flavors to choose (Molasses was the reviewers vote on Yelp) so I was excited to see you can order 3 or 6 mini scoops!  I, of course, went for th 6 mini scoops, choosing:  Butterfinger, Molasses, Butter Pecan, Dark Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and Vanilla Cherry.  My favorites were the Butterfinger, Dark Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream.  I’m a sucker for Cookies and Cream, and I loved that the Oreos were REALLY crumbled throughout.  The thick Dark Chocolate was so rich and less sweet than the rest.  The Butterfinger was unique and crunchy from the candy bar.  It was so fun to mix and match the flavors together as I tasted as well.  It’s cold outside but nothing can beat this “cool” shop for a cool treat while sitting in one of their cute areas, like the one I chose by the fireplace.  The whole place just made me happy, inside and out!


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