Dolce Vite Chocolatto, a hot and healthy treat!

How many times do you hear of a dessert that has NO GMOs, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavors or colors, LOW in caffeine, and only 3 ingredients that is actually delicious?!  Well, we have found just that! Dolce Vite Chocolatto can be described as a thick Italian drinking chocolate.  We popped in to RBBTS in SOHO (one of 15 locations you can get Chocolatto) to try this delectable chocolate drink with it’s creator, Christina Summers.  Who doesn’t want to warm up from the cold with a hot beverage? And for anyone who made a healthy new year resolution this is the dessert for you! 

Dolce Vite Chocolatto is a combination of Central American cocoa and milk.  The milk and Chocolatto mix together before heating past it’s boiling point, creating a thick and rich treat.  Like most sugary hot chocolates though, Chocolatto is not too sweet and incredibly smooth.  The suggested way to enjoy Chocolatto is with a demitasse spoon in true Italian style.  We finished our entire cup and felt fulfilled and refreshed, no heaviness at all.  If made with whole milk Chocolatto only has 168 calories per serving, which means you can stick to your 2013 diet and benefit from its antioxidents!  Since it’s made to order, you can make it Vegan with soy milk and/or add espresso (Espressolatto)!

Dolce Vite partners with the charity Operation Smile, donating a portion of the proceeds to help fix cleft lips and palates for children in third world countries.  This warm chocolatey drink not only puts a smile on your face but helps put a new smile for others as well.  Christina, the CEO of Dolci Vite International, is also launching a Dolci Vite student program that will provide young entrepreneurs a place outside of college to learn by doing.  A young entrepreneur herself, we are sure she will be a helpful guide to young dreamers like herself!

It’s only served in NYC and we’re new fans!  We can’t wait to enjoy a cup again soon!

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