Blue Fin Restaurant Week Desserts!

Believe it or not, I used to hostess at Blue Fin Restaurant in Times Square.  So I have a certain nostalgia whenever I dine there or even just walk by!  It happened that I was going to the theater though and needed a nice restaurant to enjoy a good meal, so of course I chose a blast from my past.  Luckily, it is restaurant week in New York City so I took advantage of trying the desserts that came with our meals.  The first was a valrhona chocolate pot de creme with mini almond madeleines and chocolate sorbet.  The pot de creme was very smooth, like velvet, and perfectly rich.  The two little madeleines weren’t extremely fresh, but had a nice almond flavor.  I rather enjoyed the chocolate sorbet which helped to cleanse my palate when the creme got too intense!

The second dessert to choose on the menu is a warm pear and almond tart with a rum caramel and lemon scented ice cream.  The crust on the tart was thick and soft.  I loved the slices of pear because they were rather large and perfectly cooked.  I could have used a side of the rum caramel sauce instead of the drizzle and dunked every bite of tart in it!  Thick and sweet with a hint or rum, the caramel sauce brought the whole dessert together for me.  The scoop of lemon ice cream tasted more like cleaning detergent than the refreshing citrus flavor of lemon, so that bit was pretty much the only thing left on the plate.

Last and definitely not least, our waiter treated us to a special dessert…warm chocolate chip cookies TO GO! These are not on the restaurant week menu, just a surprise delivery that came to our table.  Meant to be taken with you to enjoy at the theater, Blue Fin bakes four chocolate chip cookies and delivers them wrapped up and in a bag to be saved for later.  Well I simply couldn’t wait for later, I dove right in and grabbed a warm chocolate chip!  I’ve been quite addicted to cookies lately, especially chocolate chip, so this surprise treat made my day!  Absolutely delicious they were the perfect size, had the perfect amount of chocolate chunks, and were perfectly warm and fresh!  The center of the cookie was almost under-baked, fudgey and gooey, while the outer edges were slightly crisp.  I left Blue Fin with my To Go bag in hand ready for the theater with three warm chocolate chip cookies and a happy belly!

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