Atrio gets an A+ from Brownie and Blondie

When was the last time you enjoyed every bite from start to finish while dining out?  When was the last time you relaxed in a big comfy chair or plush sofa while enjoying your dessert?  When was the last time you weren’t shoved up against another table and had to shout to hear your dining partner?  Well, at Atrio Wine Bar at the Conrad New York you can delight yourself in every foodie’s dream.  We came specifically for their dessert special honoring Elvis Presley’s birthday which is January 8th.  The “King” is known for enjoying a peanut butter and banana sandwich every day so it is only fitting that Atrio created a salted peanut caramel gelato with bananas!  This gelato, served only today in a mini mason jar (this staple on the menu is usually served in a larger dish), was like a mini sundae and absolutely incredible.  In the jar along with the creamy gelato were sliced bananas, peanut brittle, and a mound of marshmallow that was perfectly toasted! We could not stop eating this gelato that tasted like a perfect marriage of banana pudding and a gelato sundae!  Now that is a happy union!

If that wasn’t enough we were spoiled rotten with more goodies!  A cheesecake and chocolate panna cotta soon arrived at our table and we never turn away something sweet!  The cheesecake was round in size, different from the traditional slice, and topped with blueberries and granola.  It was placed on top a tart lemon curd that helped to cut the rich and dense cheesecake.  The fruit and curd lightened up this dessert which made every bite refreshing.  The chocolate panna cotta was also served in a small mason jar, which already made this dessert like-able.  (Why are mason jars so cute? Serve everything in a mason jar!)  On top of the chocolate custard were giant cherries and crushed marcona almonds!  The tart cherries balanced the rich chocolate while the marcona almonds added a touch of salt and crunch.  This was sort of the perfect dessert!

Eventhough we write about our favorite desserts, it would not be fair to not mention the fantastic food we also tasted!  A blackened kale salad and brussel sprout side won over our bellies with each fork full.  The fries served with a truffle aioli were super addictive and seemed too good to be true.  We could go on and on about our evening at Atrio, but we won’t because you simply just have to go and experience it for yourself.  It’s an A+!

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