An Afternoon at Three Tarts

Three Tarts is a little gem located in Chelsea.  Not only can you find delicious things to eat, Three Tarts sells charming and unique gifts for yourself and friends.  We recently stopped by to see what’s new at this adorable bakery and had a lovely time.  Marshmallows, cookies, and merinques… OH MY!  Three Tarts has been making incredible marshmallows for a couple years now.  These aren’t your traditional mallows.  They come in different shapes and bold flavors such as rosemary or mango!  These gourmet marshmallows are unbelievably fluffy and simply melt in your mouth. Light as a feather, you feel like your biting into a flavored cloud.  No guilt here, just an easy way to fulfill your sweet craving!  If you prefer your mallows with hot chocolate, Three Tarts has their own hot chocolate that can be made in house or they sell a tin filled with the cocoa powder!  Don’t worry, a tin of mini mallows can be purchased to go along with it!  They really have thought of everything!

Another scrumptious sweet at Three Tarts are the hand painted petit fours!  Warning, you may feel like Marie Antoinette while indulging in these little almond cakes because they are so pretty and pristine.  There is a bit of apricot jam between the layers of almond cake all incased in royal icing.  A box of 9 are only $22.50 and are just the perfect gift to bring to anyone.  Another great find is a hazelnut and chocolate spread that looks like a lotion!  Just squeeze it out on toast or whatever you choose to put it on!

Three Tarts makes little heart shaped cookies called “Lovelies” and boy are they lovely!  You can choose between a valrhona chocolate sandwich cookie filled with dark chocolate ganache or a cardamom shortbread cookie filled with apricot jam.  The chocolate lovely is really rich and decadent while the caradamom cookie takes on a more savory/sweet cookie. Either flavor warms you heart with each bite.

We really enjoyed our afternoon at Three Tarts.  Each dessert was little, yet big in taste!  Fruit marshmallows that burst citrus on your tongue to tiny heart shaped meringues that are not only pretty but dissolve right in your mouth.  It’s a warm and cozy place that makes you want to stay for hours!

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