An afternoon at Dominique Ansel

After a delicious lunch at the little SOHO sandwich shop, RBBTS, I took a stroll over to Spring street to pop into Dominique Ansel Bakery!  Hmm, what to choose at this French bakery because everything looks so good?  I kinda had my mind set on a chocolate chip cookie so that was a clear choice, but then I could not resist ordering the fresh baked madelines as well.  So there I sat, luckily with two friends, in a lovely indoor garden area with my afternoon dessert.  Since the madelines were baking, we started with the cookie!  Slates of chocolate filled the more cake-like cookie.  The outer edges were slightly crisped while the center was perfectly soft and chewy.  It was sweet, it was fresh, and it was pretty darn good.  Just as we picked up the last crumb of cookie our madelines arrived, warm and dusted in powered sugar.  The small order contains ten little cakes while the large has twenty.  A hint of lemon flavor filled each shelled shaped cake.  They were so soft that each bite melted in my mouth.  With my sip of coffee and bite of madeline, I was instantly transported to Paris!  Dominique Ansel might just be a perfect stop while venturing through Soho for a sensational sugary pick me up!

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