16 Handles has Fro-Yo Hot Chocolate!

We are forever fans of 16 Handles and therefore are excited to announce that their new Hot Chocolate Affogato is delicious!  I went to a private event for the launch of the drink this week and was introduced to some other treats in the works.  I not only tried their Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Affogato but their new “Cool Couture” Fro Yo cookie sandwiches.  First though, an Affogato is, by definition, a coffee-based drink with a scoop of gelato topped by espresso.  16 Handles has made an Affogato (sans coffee) with hot chocolate and frozen yogurt.  They have three variations in flavor:  Salted Caramel, Crème Brulee, and Toasted Marshmallow.  The Fro-Yo made the drink extra creamy and the salted caramel paired with the rich chocolate was divine.

Their new mini fro-yo cookie sandwiches were adorable and yummy as well.  Pictured here is the Gimme S’mores cookie sandwich with vanilla fro-yo.  They also had Spicy Hot Chocolate,  Oh La Lemon, and Choco-Chiptastic.  My personal favorites were the Choco-Chiptastic and Spicy Hot Chocolate.  The cookies were both soft and easy to eat without any mess like some ice cream cookie sandwiches.  The Spicy Hot Chocolate had just a slight kick to it that was just enough without being overwhelming.  The mini size is a great to eat it alone or you could make it a topping on your fro-yo creation.

To make the night even “sweeter,” we were allowed to create our own fro-yo treat before we left.  I went to town!  I chose their Graham Cracker fro-yo for a base and then added Butterfinger, cookie dough, mochi, and cinnamon crumbles for my toppings. What a fun and jovial evening at a Candyland looking 16 Handles.  Warm up by having their new hot chocolate!




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