A mound of marshmallow meringue?? Yes, please!

You may grab your groceries at Fairway, the very popular market on the UWS, but did you know that there is an upstairs cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Oh yes, it’s true!  They even have fabulous desserts that you can enjoy in-house or take with you to-go, so I decided to try a delectable treat on my way out.   Unfortunately, the service leaves much to be desired, but their Lemon Meringue Pie does not!  A glorious mound of toasted marshmallow meringue covered the lemon curd like a fluffy cloud.  The meringue alone is worth every penny.  It was so light and airy it almost dissolved when it hit my tongue.  The addition of marshmallow added a sweetness to help contrast the tart lemon taste.  There were also pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top that added a burst of sweet/sour juiciness!  The little red seeds aesthetically turned this classic summer dessert into a festive holiday pie!  The crust- extra buttery and flaky- held up to the sour lemon taste.  It broke easily with my fork, not too thin or thick, and had excellent flavor. I typically don’t go for Lemon Meringue Pie or any tart pies for that matter, but I simply couldn’t help myself when I saw this.  It was so pretty and perfect looking that I thought it was fake. I’m glad I ordered a slice to go because it turned out to be refreshing and delicious!

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