Forty Carrots


40 Carrots
1000 3rd Ave.(@59th Street), 7th Fl
New York, NY 10022

If anyone is a frozen yogurt fanatic, this place is an exception in the world of cold.  The regular tourist would not come upon Forty Carrots unless they take a shopping trip to Bloomingdale’s.  On the 7th floor, Forty Carrots rests, with it’s bright white, orange, and green colors as the décor.  You actually feel cleansed and refreshed just walking in there.  It is a healthy place to lunch, serving many delightful dishes.  When you first walk in, on your left is the frozen yogurt to go, or you can sit and have it served to you (after your meal, or as your meal).  The flavors vary day to day, but you can be sure they will always have their famous plain yogurt!  The fro-yo’s taste is tangy and sweet combined, cleansing your palate immediately.  The toppings are universal in choice from healthy granola and/or fruit to crumbled Oreos or peanut butter cups!  Mmmmm!  I went there one day and they had blueberry frozen yogurt, and I about died at every bite!  It was freakin amazing!  You didn’t need anything on it!  The portions are quite large, so order the smallest size.  If you’re shopping in the upscale store, in the area, or just in the mood for a cool treat, stop by and grab some of this refreshing and healthy dessert!

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