Reader of the Week…Alison Kloots


Congratulations Alison Kloots on being our reader of the week.  Alison lives in NYC, but originally from Canton, Ohio.   Along with loving desserts, Alison enjoys going to Pure Yoga to master her inner yogi and sweating it out in workout classes at Body By Simone!  All in moderation, workout to eat those sweets!  Thank you Alison for being a fan of Just Desserts NYC!  If you would like to be our reader of the week answer the 5 questions below and email us a photo to [email protected]

1. What is your favorite dessert and why?
A Dairy Queen Blizzard with extra Reese Pieces candy!  I have always loved it, it reminds me of my childhood.

2.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?
     I love the Lemon Cake from Del Frisco’s Steakhouse

3.  If you met a magical dessert genie and could have three wishes granted what would they be?
1.  The dry cleaners next to my apt would be a Dairy Queen so I could get a blizzard whenever I wanted one
2.  A three day cleanse would be eating all desserts instead of juices
3.  I could quit my job and own a Dairy Queen that would be very successful!

4.  What is your favorite dessert from your hometown?
There is a seasonal local ice cream shop down the street from our home called Kustard Korner!  Any of their ice cream treats were delicious!

5.  If you could be a dessert what would you be and why?
I would be a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting because it’s classic, delicious, and never goes out of style!

A Love For Cakes


We had a caketastic time on a two show day when we were surprised with a delivery from A Love For Cakes.   Four delightful mini cakes were in a box as well as other little desserts.  The cakes were Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Gateau, and Vanilla/Passionfruit Mousse.  The other sweets were Passionfruit Chocolate Bonbons, White Chocolate Cheesecake Bites with Raspberry sauce, and Financeirs (raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry).  Our absolute favorite was the cheesecake!  Oh my


Broadway Show of the Week!



Schmackary’s crowned Bullets Over Broadway their very first Broadway show of the week!  Last night at the theatre, we were surprised with a huge plate of mini Schmakary’s cookies!  They also sent a “Welcome to the neighborhood” note.  We are seriously so happy to have such a great cookie shop support the theatre.  Thanks so much Schmackary’s!  We love your cookies!

Bullets Over Broadway is now OPEN!!!



Bullets Over Broadway is officially open at the St. James Theatre on West 44th Street!!!  Last Thursday was our opening night and what an incredible night it was.  The audience was roaring with laughter and enjoyment while our smiles onstage were pure happiness.  The show is incredible and we are so proud to be a part of it!  The opening  night part was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in their Egyptian room.  This was the classiest party we’ve ever attended with stars galore.  It was fun to get all dolled up and attend this fancy soiree.  What an amazing time to be in a Broadway show together AND make dog biscuit cookies for props in the show.  Congrats to everyone involved with the production!  Come see us in Bullets Over Broadway!

Reader of the Week…Molly Grovak!!!



Congrats to Molly Grovak!  Molly is our featured reader and lovely client at Body By Simone.  She’s a lawyer in NYC but from the midwest and is obsessed with taking BBS from Blondie and Brownie:-).  We love having you in class!  She is a recent transplant to the West Village so she’s looking forward to using Just Desserts NYC to find all the best spots for the occasional dessert treat!  Molly has such a positive energy that radiates when you’re around her AND she loves sparkly things!  She also attended our Opening Night of Bullets Over Broadway!!!  We are so thankful for your support Molly!  Read on for her answers to our questions.   If you would like to be the reader of the week email us your answers to the questions below to [email protected] along with a photo of yourself.



1.  What is your favorite dessert and why?

Birthday cake macarons from Bouchon!  I love a good macaron — they are delicate, delicious and a perfect size serving for a sweet treat.  Bouchon has a particularly fabulous flavor (seasonal) — birthday cake — that has sprinkles and tastes just like a perfect yellow vanilla box cake your mom would make.

2.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?


Reader of the Week…Manzie Allen!


Congratulations to Manzie Allen our reader of the week!!  Manzie goes to The Hewitt school here in Manhattan and loves painting, photography, and playing volleyball.  Her favorite band is One Direction (we love them too!) and most importantly Manzie loves food and dessert!  Manzie has been hanging around the St. James Theater a lot watching our show Bullets Over Broadway!  Thank you Manzie for being our reader of the week and for all your support at the show each night.  If you would like to be the reader of the week email us your answers to the questions below to [email protected] along with a photo of yourself.


1.  What is your favorite dessert and why?
My favorite dessert is a homemade vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting.  I mostly eat them on special occasions, but when I do have a slice , I love the taste of the creamy frosting and the delicious vanilla cake.

2.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?
My favorite dessert in NYC is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!  I love the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor the most.  There is a B&J’s right next to the St. James Theater where the show Bullets Over Broadway is playing!

3.  What is your favorite dessert from your hometown?
I am from a small town in Florida and I really like the chocolate that they have there.  They have all different kinds of chocolate like: milk chocolate, white, dark, cookies and cream, oreo, and so many others that are so delicious!

4.  If you met a magical dessert genie that could grant you three dessert wishes what would they be?
1.  A bag of glazed donuts because they are so sugary and they make me less hungry.
2.  Hot, fresh chocolate chip cookies dipped in cold milk
3.  A crepe with hot nutella on it

5.  If you could be a dessert, what would you be and why?
I would be a cupcake with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles on top because they are so tasty and the icing is so sweet!

Sneak Peak: Edible Dog Biscuit Cookies!



We’ve married our dessert passion with our performing passion, Bullets Over Broadway!  We are the baker’s of Warner’s Edible Dog Biscuits for human consumption (Warner is a character in our show).  We supply these cookie props for the show and are giddy about getting to do so!  You’ll have to come check out this amazing Broadway musical and see what role these Gingerbread/Butterscotch cookies play.   Soon you’ll be able to purchase some to enjoy yourselves!  Woof woof!

Happy National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!

We suggest you stop by Doughnut Plant and enjoy one of their famous Peanut Butter & Jelly doughnuts?!!!  Totally worth it!


Reader of the Week…Kim Faure!



We love our featured reader this week!  Congrats to our fellow Bullets Over Broadway babe, Kim Faure, our reader of the week!  She’s from Rockville, Maryland but has lived in New York for almost four years.  She’s had a consistent obsession with sweets for all her 26 years.  She’s also been known to eat a Reese’s out of the trash!  This lovely lady deverves a dessert passion award!  Read on for her answers to our five questions and go see us all in Bullets Over Broadway!!!  If you would like to be our reader of the week answer the questions below and email us and a photo of yourself to [email protected]

1. What is your favorite dessert and why?

Chocolate ice cream with chunks of frozen peanut buetter and chocolate Jimmies in a cup from Dairy Maid in Rockport, MA.  After a day at the beach, there is nothing better…plus their size “small” is the size of your face.

2.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?


Spotted: Key Lime Pie on the UWS



It’s extremely hard to find a good key lime pie in NYC, so when a friend recommended the dessert at a new UWS restaurant, Red Farm,  I went right away.  Key Lime pie isn’t my favorite dessert but there are a lot of JDNYC readers that ask where to get a good slice.  Served with lemon serbert, the ceamy center was topped with toasted marshmallow.  The crust was made of extremely fresh and crumbly graham crackers.  Die-hard key lime pie fans might be turned off by the marshmallow but I thought