Caffe Palermo is known for the best cannoli in Little Italy, no wait the box actually says “Best cannoli on planet earth.”  That’s a lot to live up to, especially for someone who isn’t the biggest cannoli fan.  Well, they did it! They’re so fresh, they crumble in your mouth.  The filling was cool, soft, and thick.  These rich desserts are certainly in a class of their own.  I’ve never fully enjoyed cannolis until now.  “Baby John” is



My theatre (Something Rotten at the St. James) is right next door to the famous restaurant Sardi’s! Celebrating a birthday in my cast, a few of us headed to the iconic spot for some dinner.  To my surprise, Sardi’s has a stand out dessert on their menu.  Boccone Dolce is one of Sardi’s specials and it’s made with Meringue, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and a touch of chocolate.  The slice was so light and refreshing. The strawberries weren’t drenched in sugar, making it fresh and simple.  The layers were




Nostalgia never hurt nobody.  I’m always drawn to a place that has good old desserts from my childhood. Boulton and Watt serves up some major comfort sweets.  Their deep skillet chocolate chip cookie with a side of milk came highly recommended by a friend BUT I had to order the brownie batter in a jar with vanilla ice cream as well.  I mean come on!  This cookie was crispy on the outside and ooey gooey on the inside with a generous chocolate chip/batter ratio.  I poured the cold milk over the hot cookie and let it seep in


Free pudding!!!


The Mermaid Oyster Bar in the West Village might just be my new favorite restaurant in the city.  Not only is the food absolutely incredible (think lobster rolls, fresh seafood, and oysters of course!), but they give you a complimentary chocolate pudding for dessert! Sometimes all you need is a small bite of dessert to cleanse your palate or satisfy that chocolate craving and Mermaid Oyster Bar brings it right to your table.  It comes is a small teacup with a dollop of fresh whipped cream on top.  The chocolate is perfect rich and thick like fudge.  Paired with the pudding is a fortune teller miracle fish which reveals your fortune in the palm of your hand.  Fortune and fun all in one dessert!

A Chocolate Mousse worth every bite!


If you have not been to Cafe Fiorello for dessert you must go! I don’t know how else to tell you, dessert lovers of the world, other than, “GET TO CAFE FIORELLO FOR THEIR CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!”  My kind server comes over with two huge silver bowls.  First he scooped out two heaping spoonfuls of freshly whipped cream onto a clean plate.  Then with what looked like a shovel in the other silver bowl, shoveled slabs of homemade chocolate mousse out onto the plate as well.  Before even taking a bite I knew I was in for a treat! The presentation alone sold me.  Then I actually started eating and my mind was blown.  It was like chocolate velvet heaven this mousse.  It was very rich, but not overwhelming and dense yet light.  I wanted to savor each chocolate bite.   The whipped cream was the perfect accompaniment to balance the chocolate. Cafe Fiorello has been a staple restaurant on the Upper West Side on Manhattan.  Its location makes it the perfect pre or post Lincoln Center spot.  If you go definitely order this dessert!

Bomboloni at Robert


What is a delicious dessert to devour after brunch? Bomboloni of course!  Cinnamon dusted ricotta filled fritters or as some people may call them, gourmet mini donuts.  Robert restaurant near the Time Warner Center serves these delicious donuts high above 59th street with a view of Central Park.  Talk about a dessert with a view! Served on the side of these glorious little balls of fried dough were three sauces, chocolate, dulce de leche, and creme anglaise.  I enjoyed the dulce de leche the best! The bomboloni were served warm and very fresh.  The dusting of cinnamon and sugar made for the perfect after brunch dessert.  Head over to Robert for these little bombolini babies, you won’t regret it!

Eileen’s Cheesecakes

eileen-cheesecakes-flavors eileens-cheesecake


Eileen’s Cheesecake will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on June 16th! Eileen has been in the same location (17 Cleveland Place) her entire career and remarked to us how much she has seen the neighborhood change.  Her cheesecakes have been rated the top cheesecake in New York from Zagat, Serious Eats, top food critics, and thousands of fans!  The most popular flavor you may ask…Eileen said the strawberry is definitely the winner.  We had the privilege to sample 12 different flavors while visiting Eileen.  Each one was incredible but our top three were the salted caramel brûlée, red velvet, and cookies & cream.  We don’t know what kind of magic Eileen puts into her recipe, but she knows what she is doing.  Her cheesecake is soft and super creamy.  It melts in your mouth like butter.  Beyond the taste and presentation of this famous dessert, Eileen is magic in her own right.  Keeping her business open through the changes in lower Manhattan over the years has not been easy as well as baking all these cheesecakes in such a small space.  From what we could tell she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She is proud and absolutely should be to celebrate 40 years of being New York City’s premier cheesecake; the dessert that New York is known for.  To celebrate this big anniversary Eileen will be unveiling a new flavor on June 16th, vanilla bean brûlée.  It sounds absolutely divine!


Dirty French


There’s a new “dirty” hotspot on the LES and it’s Dirty French.  Connected to the hip Ludlow Hotel, it’s ambience is definitely “cool.”  It was nice to grab a drink in the hotel lounge while waiting for our table (seated 30 min after reservation time….no rush in the laid back atmosphere).  The flat bread with ricotta cheese spread was heaven.  The dessert menu delighted me and after trying a few, their beignets won.  Finally, beignets in NYC that rival Cafe du Mont in Nola.  Dusted with powdered


The Fat Radish



The first time I dined at The Fat Radish on the LES was at my friend’s wedding reception.  She’d rented out the entire (quaint) restaurant and had family sized portions of their food delivered to each table.  This is when I fell in love with their kale caesar salad.  I’d been craving it for a long time so I went back this week for dinner. The ambience is trendy and cozy.  On their dessert menu were only a few options and both intriqued me. Housemade doughnuts with powdered sugar and seasonal jam.  WOW these were fresh out of the fryer! Warm and soft, oozing with Beth’s Farm Fresh lemon curd jam and dusted with


The New Spring Collection at Ladurée!



Ladurée always knows how to do it right.  Look at this beautiful new Spring assortment of treats!  They’ve delved in to a variety of more chocolates, including this milk chocolate hen filled with chocolate beads.  The almond and lemon-based pastry was delicate and delicious.  And, of course, their famous macarons.  These lemon passion fruit ones were refreshing and mad me think of a sunny day