Donuts in Venice Beach

donuts-gjustagjusta-donutsIf you visit Venice Beach it is must that you go to Gjusta, the sister bakery/cafe to Gjelina. It is official that once you walk in to Gjusta you will be overwhelmed and want everything that is in front of you. My suggestion…go in a big group and just order it all. Among the desserts offered at Gjusta, there sat a bowl filled with round donuts that I simply could not pass up. They were covered in a creamy glaze and


Los Angeles Dessert Adventures continue at Big Sugar Bakeshop

big-sugar-bakery-blondie big-sugar-bakery-ginger-cookie

I was walking around Studio City the other day and happened upon Big Sugar Bakeshop on Ventura Blvd. Street appeal brought me in and the good lookin’ desserts had me at hello! There were pies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, BUCKEYES (an Ohio dessert rarely seen outside of the state), ice cream sandwiches, and blondies. As a blondie, I tend to feel a closeness to this symbolic dessert. It just so happened to be National Blondie Day and Big Sugar was giving away samples of their M&M Blondie…win win! The blondie bar was also filled with


Los Angeles adventures…Zinque Restaurant

IMG_6312 IMG_6311 IMG_6310

Right on Melrose is a fantastic wine bar and bistro called Zinque, serving some delicious desserts as well as Cabernet.  The desserts, quite classic and simple, all sounded good but I decided to try the Warm Banana Bread served with Vanilla Ice Cream, the Warm Brownie served with Vanilla Ice Cream, and the Apple Tart also served with you guess it…vanilla ice cream.  My favorite of the three was the banana bread because not only do I LOVE banana bread, but I have never thought of this bread as a dessert.  I usually eat my banana bread with butter or peanut butter or make it into a PB &J sandwich, but why not


Another reason to love Brooklyn



In case you didn’t already have reason to get over to Brooklyn for their amazing foodie scene, Butter & Scotch is opening a dessert and cocktail bar in Crown Heights. We don’t know if there is a better combination and can’t wait to try all their sweet new confections. On Saturday, January 24th, Butter & Scotch will open it’s doors to all the dessert lovers that have already been following Keavy Blueher and Allison Kave’s beloved creations. Their menu includes


French Louie



From the owner and chef of Buttermilk Channel comes French Louie, a trendy French-American bistro. Located on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, I was excited to divulge in their desserts.  Buttermilk Channel is amazing and highly regarded so I knew I was in for a treat at French Louie.   The end of the evening included their Profiteroles and Spiced Chocolate Pot de Crème.  The profiteroles were my favorite with pistachio ice cream and covered in cardamom caramel.  There’s something about





One of the best parts of finding new desserts is when you find one off the beaten path and it’s AMAZING.  A friend of mine told me about her friend that moved from NYC to Columbus, Ohio and makes pies out of her home.  I knew I had to order from her when I headed home for the holidays.  Dough Mama is a small business (as in one amazing baker, Perrie Wilkof) run out of her apartment in Clintonville.  I asked her to make me two of her favorite and most popular pies:  Maple Bourbon Pecan (pictured above) and Ginger Pear (below).  Two very different pies, both delicious!  The Maple Bourbon Pecan had a surprise chocolate


Fabulous desserts at Catch!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!  Catch restaurant has the best dessert menu in NYC! It doesn’t matter which one you order, you will be overtaken with delight.  The desserts are huge, but extraordinary in taste and design.  I had the pleasure of eating four new desserts that I haven’t had before.  The first was the Pecan Pot Pie.  It consisted of a brown butter cake, pie filling, butter pecan ice cream, vanilla creme fraiche and a phyllo crisp.  This dessert was AH-MAZING!  It was like a big bowl of pecan pie filling covered in creme.  I could have licked


Capannari’s Ice Cream from Chicago!


This family owned and operated ice creamery located outside of Chicago specializes in fresh, small batch flavorful ice creams. I was luckily enough to get a very special delivery to me in NYC of six different pints from Capannaris. Each distinctive flavor was delicious. I tasted Pumpkin, Eggnog, Cake Batter, Mint Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry Chip, and Cinnamon! It was like the holiday special in my freezer. I loved the cake batter and eggnog especially! The eggnog with


Another fantastic night at Del Friscos!

del-frisco-lemon-cake del-friscos-lemon-cake

It’s good to know that some things don’t change and that is the case with the Lemon Cake at Del Friscos Steakhouse.  If you haven’t been to the mega steakhouse to enjoy a meal, one that definitely includes dessert, than you need to go….NOW!  Every dessert on the menu is worth the calories and a hour long dance cardio class the next day.  The Lemon Cake is the one dessert not on the menu so you have to know to ask about it!  It’s six layers of moist lemon cake with lemon curd filling between each layer and then frosted with creamy lemon buttercream.  My suggestion is


Joe Allen’s hot fudge pudding cake


When in midtown you can’t find a more theater filled restaurant then the Broadway hangout, Joe Allen’s.  What I enjoy about this restaurant most is that their menu is always slightly changing which is wonderful when you are a frequent diner and “desserter”!  So this time around I tried the hot fudge  pudding cake.  Thank goodness I had someone to share in my delight because this dessert was rich!  The brownie had