Black and White Cookie Heaven!


We are giving a huge shout out to Empire Cake‘s Black  & White cookies!  We love icing so high five to the entire cookie being covered.  The cake was fresh and moist (maybe being encased by icing helped keep the freshness?!).  I definitely could eat more than one since they were so light.  These are a great


Vegan dessert done oh-so-good!


Hi everyone! Well, we had a long hiatus with busy months of January & February BUT that doesn’t mean we haven’t eaten dessert! Get ready for a whole lot of new blog posts from us. Our latest is the amazing by CHLOE. in the West Village. Absolutely Vegan, their goal is simple — “to redefine what it means to eat well.” I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to try their non-dairy ice cream. When I read “Kale Cookies & Cream” as a flavor I definitely was not going to get it. To my surprise, it was my favorite of all the flavors! Ha! Cookies & Cream is my all time favorite ice cream flavor so this says A LOT. It’s still hard for me to believe I had Kale in my dessert and not only enjoyed it, LOVED it. The ingredients include: ORGANIC KALE, HOMEMADE GLUTEN-FREE VALHRONA CHOCOLATE WAFERS, PURE MADAGASCAR VANILLA, ALMOND MILK, COCONUT MILK, RAW AGAVE NECTAR. SOOOO GOOD. The other two flavors I tried were Coffee Chia Chip & Roasted Banana Bourbon, both were delicious. Their Old-Fashioned Chocolate Chip cookie was a really great compliment to the ice creams as well. I know Chloe is famous for her cupcakes, but I highly recommend you try her non-dairy ice cream. I’m so excited to go back again and again. Eating well never felt so good!

Fit For Broadway Love


We have had a great 2015, and one reason is due to the amazing blogger, Jane Jourdan.  If you haven’t already, check out her blog,  We are always inspired by those that seek motivation through joy and hard work and this gal is the perfect example of just that.  The blog features Broadway performers and how they stay fit & healthy in their daily lives.  We love to workout and train clients at Body By Simone BUT we eat our desserts too.  Check out this amazing article on us being best friends in show business, written by the one and only Jane. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by a lot of amazing people.  Happy Holidays!

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Body By Simone Holiday Brunch Desserts!


We celebrated the holidays with the entire Body By Simone NYC team this past weekend and had some delicious dessert at Hotel Americano in Chelsea.  It’s always hard to find a great brunch spot in NYC that isn’t over crowded with a wait time of over an hour.  Hotel Americano was delicious, chic, and low key.  With the prix fixe, we had our choice of Sticky Toffee Cake or Crème brûlée for dessert.  We’re giving a special shout out to their


When in Red Hook, Brooklyn…


We find ourselves in Red Hook, Brooklyn for two reasons:  IKEA or the Nadia Tarr sample sale (my favorite designer).  Our recent visit was the latter.  There is also amazing key lime pie sold only in Red Hook:  Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie.  It’s world famous and one of Al Roker’s picks.  Lucky me, they serve it at another favorite spot, The Red Hook Lobster Pound.  After a delicious lunch of lobster rolls and sweet potato fries, it was time for a light & refreshing sweet.  The perfect mini size, it’s tangy and delicious.   If you go to the actual


Ellary’s Greens


We can’t stop thinking about the enchanting evening we spent at Ellary’s Greens this week.  Located down in the West Village, this Vegan and Gluten-Free optional restaurant exudes charm in every way.  We were there to taste their seasonal pies that are available on their dessert menu but also available to order for all your holiday events and dinners!  Our tasting started with a spoonful of chocolate mousse with coconut whipped cream.  The mousse, mostly based with the super antioxidant powers of raw cacao has a secret ingredient as


Gourmet Pumpkin Spice Themed Box!







Look no further for the perfect gift to bring to a host or to send to a loved one this holiday season.  Delivered right to your door is a box filled with fall delights.  The Market Box Gifts creates their boxes for everyone to enjoy.  Included in our pumpkin spice gourmet box was: Pumpkin bread, pumpkin taffy, pumpkin iced cookies, pumpkin spiced almonds, a seasonal coffee with a wonderful ceramic mug, and a pumpkin cut out cookie!  Everything came


Pumpkin Dough!


Across the street from my show, Something Rotten! at the St. James Theatre, is City Kitchen in the Row Hotel. It’s an upscale food court, which includes Dough Doughnuts.  They have PUMPKIN DONUTS right now and they’re SO GOOD.  Dough is famous for their yeast donuts with different icing flavors.  The donuts are always so fresh and soft.  The pumpkin glaze was just enough sweetness and the seeds added a nice crunch to the texture.  It’s always nice to have the option of a gourmet pick-me-up between shows on a two-show day. Coffee & donuts in Times Square anyone?!  That’s a big yes from this Rotten gal.  


The Ultimate S’mores: Only 2 DAYS left to try it!


We had a dessert adventure afternoon at Dominique Ansel Kitchen for the Ultimate S’mores treat!  WOW. This was the biggest S’mores we’ve ever seen!  The marshmallow was fist size and torched to form a crisp outer layer.  Sandwiched between two Speculoos cookies, the “chocolate” was smooth and soft spread on the bottom with chocolate covered crispies.  The top layer was delicately shaved milk chocolate.  You guys, this one was a perfect fall treat and full of nostalgia.  What will Dominique Ansel create next?!  GO, you have 2 days left to try this beast!