The Salty Pimp


I know that’s exactly how you would describe me, a salty pimp…NO.  But the name of an ice cream cone I’d eat…YES.  I finally swung by  the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (yes I know it’s not just a truck anymore….that’s how long it’s taken me to get there).  I want to kick myself for never having been.  My husband raved about their Salty Pimp ice cream cone so that was a must for my first time.  Oh my heavens, soft serve!  Vanilla soft serve covered in salty caramel and dipped in chocolate.  That cone was “pimped out!”  Gay gay


Buvette, a new favorite


I have found my calm getaway in the West Village.  Buvette is a quaint gastrotheque that serves food & drink all day long until 2am!  Perfect for a Broadway performer like myself, I can come after a show to wind down.  I’ve been heading there in the late morning though for some coffee and pastry.  My recent trip, I enjoyed the chef’s specialty, the apple tart, as well as their mouth-watering mini croissants.  The apple tart was served room temperature with crème fraîche covering the top.  They literally whipped the cream right then and there.  The apples weren’t too sweet or tart, and the the crust was thick and chewy.  The croissants, OH MY GOODNESS.  First of all, when the


Limoncello Pie


I had a fabulous lunch AND dessert at Trattoria Dell’arte the other day.  This restaurant located in midtown, next to one of my favorite other restaurants, Red Eye Grill, has a plentiful dessert menu with a variety of desserts sure to please any sweet lover.  I decided to choose the Limoncello Pie with a burnt sugar topping.  This slice of pie was absolutely delightful.  The graham cracker crust was buttery and just the right thickness to hold in the soft lemon pie filling.  Speaking of filling, it was smooth yet tart and extremely refreshing.  The perfect palate cleanser.  I very much


Magnolia Bakery has new summer treats!


Summer is here desserters and to prove it just head over to any of the Magnolia Bakery locations in the city and try their new summer menu items!  When the heat is sizzling nothing tastes better than ice cream which is why Magnolia Bakery is introducing ice cream sandwiches in four different flavors; Lemon Bar, Blondie Bar, Brownie Bar, and Red Velvet Whoopie Pie!  We enjoyed all of them but on a




You know it’s summer when you have a delicious slice of homemade pie and ice cream!  I had an exceptional dinner the other evening at Riverpark, a Tom Colicchio restaurant located on the east river.  After an unforgettable meal I was really looking forward to dessert.  Without looking at a menu or choosing what sweet I was going to indulge in, out comes a whole apple pie served with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and creme fraiche sorbet.  I was in heaven.  This pie was perfect.  The crust was soft and thick with a nice crusty edge and buttery taste.  Inside were perfectly cooked and


Reader of the Week…Lily Collins!


Congrats to Lily Collins, our featured reader this week!  Lily was born in the UK and even though she moved to LA when she was 5, she can still do a pretty good British accent.  She’s an actress in LA and has a bucket list that seems to grow more quickly than she crosses things off.  Her favorite designers are Chanel, Stella McCartney, Monique Lhuillier, and Alexander McQueen.  Shes loves to bake and was obsessed with the Harry Potter books!  We like the kind of gal Lily is and love that she’s got a sweet tooth like us!  Read on for her answers to our questions!  Follow @lilycollins on Twitter!  If you would like to be our reader of the week answer the questions below and email us and a photo of yourself to [email protected]


1. What is your favorite dessert and why?

I have a huge sweet tooth and love homemade baked goods.  I’m also the only person I know who loves black licorice, and I can never say no to frozen yogurt!

2.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?


Nutella Cronut Hole!



Dominique Ansel has done it again!  We celebrated Nutella‘s 50th Anniversary with a  celebration near Madison Square Park.  Dominique made a special treat for the occasion:  Nutella Cronut Holes!!!  People were lined up down the street to try some of these FREE holes.  Nutella is incredible and put in a cronut hole…WOW for goodness sake?!!!  Done and DONE.  The crispy outside and doughy inside with hazelnut chocoalte spread was too much to handle.  We are uber fans of Dominique and gave him


Buenos Angies Alfajores

photo 1-4photo 3-4


We love getting sweet treats delivered to the Bullets Over Broadway theatre!  Alfajores was the treat of the day!  Basically these cookies are Spanish butter cookies filled with dulce de leche (caramel).  We got ones with coconut and dipped in chocolate…Holla!!!  Buenos Angies is an artisan Alfajores company based in Queens.  Angie learned how to make them at the “Culinary Academy of my Momma,” so she


Nutella Bar opens at Eataly



All Nutella all the time! Eataly closed their wine store due to “interlocking interests” and opened a Nutella Bar in its place where you can find all things hazelnut spread! There is pane, brioche, muffins, and crepes just to name a few things on the nutty menu. We are sure this new bar where no




Haagen-Dazs is offering a free scoop of their gourmet ice cream and some of their new gelatos today from 4-8pm!  Stop by a store near you to celebrate Spring with your complimentary scoop!  In our opinion the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor is one that Haagen-Daaz does best!  ENJOY!