The New Spring Collection at Ladurée!



Ladurée always knows how to do it right.  Look at this beautiful new Spring assortment of treats!  They’ve delved in to a variety of more chocolates, including this milk chocolate hen filled with chocolate beads.  The almond and lemon-based pastry was delicate and delicious.  And, of course, their famous macarons.  These lemon passion fruit ones were refreshing and mad me think of a sunny day


Cupcakes by Carousel



Birthdays at a theatre (Something Rotten on Broadway) are always fun!  This is mainly due to the fact that I get to try all kinds of desserts!  A cast memeber that lives in NJ brought in his local cupcakes.  Cupcakes by Carousel is a mini version of a family owned cake business, Carousel Cakes.  They sell to over 700 restaurants in the tri-state area.  Cupcakes by Carousel offers mini versions of their famous cakes to the general sweet devotees.  I LOVED their Hostess cupcake look-alike!  The cakes is so soft, making it easy to


Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches!

 ice-cream-sandiwches-side-bar side-bar-ice-cream-sandwichesSide Bar down in Union Square serves a great dessert of three little ice cream sandwiches.  I got three different flavors because I wanted to try them all. Snickerdoodle cookies with cinnamon ice cream, red velvet cookies with vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream.  I liked all three flavors withe the snickerdoodle being my favorite.  All the cookies were nice and soft so


Chocolate Chip Cookie in a skillet!


At Boulton & Watt down in the east village they have a cookie on their dessert menu.  A chocolate chip cookie baked in its own skillet.  Need I say more? There is more though.  A cold glass of milk on the side that you can either pour into the skillet or drink after each bite.  This dessert is fantastic, the perfect All-American dessert!  It’s everything you want: big, warm, gooey, crunchy on the outside and cakey


Time Out & Openhouse present The MAC DADDY!


Alright desserters, listen up!  Before you dig into something sweet on Saturday get your tickets for THE MAC DADDY, an ultimate mac and cheese showdown!  Six of the top NYC restaurants will compete to be crowned the best mac and cheese in NYC!  This is sure to be the cheesiest competition in NYC.  The event is this Sunday, March 29th from 11-6pm.  It’s held at the Openhouse Gallery (201 Mulberry Street). Buy tickets HERE

Introducing Carla Hall Petite Cookies


We have always enjoyed Carla Hall way back to becoming a fan of hers when she competed on Top Chef.  Now a co-host of the popular TV series, The Chew, Carla is entertaining America every morning with fresh recipes and fun ideas in the kitchen.  We received a very special box in the mail filled with her new line of sweets and baked goods.  Wow! Everything and we mean everything was delicious!  Our absolute favorite was the salted caramel banana bread that was cut thick and super moist.  The top of the bread was trimmed in a salted caramel crust that alone could be its own dessert.  Carla’s magic bars were covered in shredded coconut and pilled high with nuts, chocolate, and her signature Black Forest Crinkle cookie dough.  The graham cracker crust on these bars was incredible, so buttery and thick with a nice crunch.  


Georgio’s Country Grill


Georgio’s Country Grill makes homemade pies so naturally I was intrigued to try a slice. I love pie. In fact apple and blueberry are my favorite flavors, a la mode of course! I especially love apple pie when there is a streusel topping and Georgio’s delivered. The pie was





YOU GUYS!!!!  I’ve found the next best cookie in NYC!  Culture Espresso is killing it with their chocolate chip cookies freshly homemade throughout the course of the day.  AHHHHH!!!!!  That’s how I felt when I first bit in to this crunchy yet underbaked gooey goodness.  They come warm and the outer layer is slightly crunchy while the inside is soft and oozing with melted chocolate.  Generous in size, I honestly had vocals with every bite.  The amount of chocolate dispersed in the cookie was chock-full.  Located in midtown near Bryant Park, this place is a MUST in the Manhattan cookie world.  I’ll be back for as many as I can eat!


Warm up with Chocolate Bread Pudding


It might resemble a slice of pie, but this chocolate bread pudding at El Vez is nothing in comparison.  The pudding is pipping hot and filled with chocolate. The top of the slice was a bit crunchy which I loved because I enjoy a little crunch and chocolate was everywhere!  The bread is definitely pudding in texture, soft and melting in your mouth.  There was a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream


Red Velvet Cake Cookie


When you walk into Sugar and Plumm restaurant on the Upper West Side in Manhattan it is like walking into a dessert heaven. There are cookies, cakes, sundaes, milkshakes, macaroons, chocolates…you name a dessert, it’s there! One thing caught our eye immediately which was a red velvet cookie. Red Velvet is one of our favorite flavors of cake so a cookie version was a must try item. The thick cookie was about 4″ in diameter with